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23-Jun-2017, 23:33

Recent temperatures... oldest reading first. And, for registered users, OnOff1
  75.2 F    62.6 F  --at--  23-Jun-2017, 22:58:17   777134
  75.2 F    60.8 F  --at--  23-Jun-2017, 23:03:17   777165
  76.1 F    60.8 F  --at--  23-Jun-2017, 23:08:18   777191
  76.1 F    62.6 F  --at--  23-Jun-2017, 23:13:19   777223
  76.1 F    62.6 F  --at--  23-Jun-2017, 23:18:20   777249
  75.2 F    60.8 F  --at--  23-Jun-2017, 23:23:22   777280
  75.2 F    60.8 F  --at--  23-Jun-2017, 23:28:22   777306
  75.2 F    61.7 F  --at--  23-Jun-2017, 23:33:23   777337
Program (c) 8/07 TK Boyd, http://sheepdogsoftware.co.uk. DS025, version: 1 Sept 10- ver with Level 2

Graph of Weather Data. If not, prob can't find file, or you have graphics off.

Registered users of DS025/FarWatch can display additional images, like the ones below... It can be something which is being CHANGED by another program running in the serving PC. If there is snow on the ground go to http://sheepdogsoftware.co.uk/FarWatchSnow.htm for information on the markings on the stick. See http://tinyurl.com/WeatherMonitor for general information.

An image is available here, if you switch on graphics display (It may not have displayed if in wrong place or error exists in name spec.)

Image if FrmDs41.jpg supplied

Image if JpgForTweak.jpg supplied