Licensed for use by TK Boyd on Feb 14 // DE49 ver:9 June 14

Next two: IVA282, it FTPs to pcWamp2 upon DI. 14 Apr 2022, 13:20 and FW004-7NC kitchen. Writes to TmpImg002 directly. Ignore datestamp on this one. 30 Dec 1899, 00:00

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Next two: IVA280, by Sched'd FTP. Worked hard on exposure. No joy. Works well in low light. 13 Apr 2022, 15:22 and IVA152- by FTP by sched 6 Apr 2022, 08:12

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Next two: IVA152-by FTP by motion 19 Sep 2021, 13:48 and IVA227 16 Apr 2022, 11:28

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Date/time stamps give time the file was created on the machine they reside on, according to the system clock of that machine. (This may be an issue if you are FTP'ing images across time zones.)

Created with DE49, version 9 June 14, from...

Processes images from user defined locations, typically the destinations of some FTP writes, and creates the page of HTML behind what you are reading, to be served by the process of the site manager's choosing.